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Drs' Gr8 Nutrition Bar ... We've Raised the Bar

Drs Gr8 Nutrition Bar



             8 Gr8 Reasons Why:

1. Gives you Gr8 Energy

2. Improves mental Clarity and Focus

3. Curbs Appetite for Weight Control

4. Improves Digestion

5. Reduces Inflammation

6. Low Sugar, Low Carbs

7. High Fiber

8. High Protein nutrition bar health bar protein bar

Proven Health Benefits


Drs' Gr8 Bar was formulated by the doctors at Tustin Longevity Center. All ingredients are validated in clinical studies. 

Drs Gr8 has the highest amount of phospholipids that restore, replace and revitalize all the cells, tissues and organs of the body. 

Over time, Drs's Gr8 will ignite your feeling of long lasting energy and alertness, You will experience youthful vim, vigor and vitality provided by its special ingredients.  

nutrition bar health bar protein bar

Drs' Gr8 ... The Best and Most Nutritious


Drs' Gr8 is like no other bar on the market today. It has highest amount of health-promoting phospholipids, an amazing very high fiber content with low carbohydrates and low sugars.

Try the world's highest quality bar and see for yourself how it pumps your energy power, decreases hunger and sharpens your brain.

Fine tune your health and overall wellness with Drs' Gr8.

  It is the very best ..... BAR NONE! 

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TLC Clinical Perspective:Nutrient Bar Proven Health Benefits

Drs Gr8 Research

Drs Gr8 Comparison graph (jpg)


Glucose and Insulin Bar Comparison Results (jpg)


Summary of bar comparison results (jpg)


The Nutrition Bar with Major Proven Health Benefits (pdf)


Drs Gr8 bar comparison study at TLC (pdf)


Who is Drs' Gr8 Bar For?


Drs' Gr8 Bar is Gr8 for men, women and children who want  to live healthy and vibrant life.

Lifestyle -

No matter what your life style, Drs' Gr8 offers a simple and effective means to enrich your life.  It increases activity levels, while heightening your pleasure in your daily activities. You can better pursue your interests, hobbies and pastimes with long-lasting energy and alertness … enriching your personal and unique life style. 

Sports/Active -

Dr.s' Gr8 puts more bounce in your step--making you feel spry, vital and energetic. It gives you that competitive edge for improvement in all your sports and athletic endeavors. You will feel durable energy and focus to excel at your favorite physical activity.  Dr.s' G8 enhances vigor, power, and the feeling of being physically and mentally robust.

Productivity/Work -

If you want to be more productive, be the best you can be and have the energy you need to get through the day, and then eat a Dr.s' Gr8 Bar! It will help you accomplish the challenging tasks before you with vitality.  The increased focus and alertness will last long as you undertake your daily responsibilities and missions.

Age -

From 5 to 150 years of age, people who take Dr.s' Gr8 Bar improve their quality of life.  Activity levels are dramatically amplified each and every day. Drs' Gr8  not only provides a substantial feeling of increased energy, alertness and endurance but also supports healthy aging by restoring and replacing damaged vital cell membranes with its phospholipid component, helping to keep you young and healthy. 

To Order Click:  https://www.tlcdoctors.com/collections/public/products/dr-s-gr8-bar 


These people can especially benefit from Drs' Gr8 Bar

Are you one of these people?


• People with health conditions • Aged people who want to become more active and youthful • People who want to improve their vitality and quality of life • People who would like to manage their weight • Sports enthusiasts • Basketball players • Volleyball players • Swimmers • Writers • Computer operators • Sales people • Nurses • Doctors • Dancers • Actors • Singers • Musicians • Policemen • Politicians • Presenters • House wives • Seniors • Farm workers • Mechanics • Custodians • Speakers • Bankers • Cooks and Chefs • Sports enthusiasts • Athletes • Business people • Truck drivers • Bus drivers • Hikers, campers, rock climbers • Runners • People who work out • Weight lifters • Students • Medical professionals • Construction workers • Golfers • Tennis players • Soccer players • Baseball players • Hockey players • Skiers • Firemen • Workers • Gamers • House cleaners • Restaurant servers • Service people • Maintenance people • Delivery personnel 

 To Order Click:  https://www.tlcdoctors.com/collections/public/products/dr-s-gr8-ba 

Key Ingredients working together to improve you health



  • Increases Energy - reduces fatigue
  • Revitalizes your cells, tissues and organs
  • Maintains healthy blood values
  • Supports healthy heart function
  • Weight management
  • Helps attenuate a healthy appetite (satiation) 
  • Get’s you through to the next meal 
  • Supports brain function
  • Mental clarity, concentration, focuses, etc.
  • Aids in digestion 
  • Improve quality of life


Pea Protein


  • Decreases total and LDL cholesterol
  • Helps satiation
  • Low glycemic food source
  • Reduces fasting insulin in overweight people
  • Helps restore healthy gut bacterial counts
  • Slows renal disease progression & cardiac hypertrophy
  • Helps reduce inflammation


Tapioca Fiber


  • Rich source fiber and protein
  • Contains vitamin B-complexes Pantothenic acid
  • Folate for heart healh
  • Iron, manganese, calcium, copper, and selenium

Key Ingredients to improve your health, continued


Coconut Oil


  • Reduces waist circumferences 
  • Increases HDL-C concentrations
  • Positive effects on cognition
  • Supports high antioxidants levels
  • Decreases oxidative stress




  • Highest Inulin levels – which is the best prebiotic 
  • Improves bowel function & constipation
  • Beneficial role in insulin release 
  • Reduces & prevents systemic inflammation




· Help maintain normal blood lipid levels

  • Reduce hunger & serum glucose
  • Reduce oxidative stress & inflammation   
  • Highest levels of fiber & protein  
  • Help control hunger


  •  Stimulates redox-gene expression & immune responses 
  • Influences insulin resistance & reduces risk for diabetes 
  • Induces positive effects on mood
  • Flavonoids protect cognitive abilities
  • Beneficial effects on vascular system & cerebral blood flow 

 To Order Click:  https://www.tlcdoctors.com/collections/public/products/dr-s-gr8-ba 

Why is Drs Gr8 Bar so Different from the rest?

Unique Proprietary Ingredients with Proven Effectiveness

Drs' Gr8 Bar is like no other bar on the market today. It has the highest source and quantity of phospholipids; it has low carbohydrate levels, low sugar levels along with an amazing very high fiber content.

There is no other good tasting bar that can deliver the vast health benefits to every cell and every organ and energizing you cells that function at their full potential. This promotes a healthy body, increasing the quality of your life and over-all wellness. 

Sharpen your edge and fine tune your health with Drs' Gr8. 

 To Order Click:  https://www.tlcdoctors.com/collections/public/products/dr-s-gr8-ba nutrition bar health bar protein bar


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Our Mission

We will help nourish a nutrient deficient world.

Tustin Longevity Center (TLC) in Tustin California is an integrative medical clinic who also conducts research. TLC Doctors are specialists and highly experienced in nutrition and dietary health supplements. TLC teamed together with Sierra Productions Research, LLC  to develop, formulate and perform clinical studies on a nutritional bar that is like no other; they called it Drs Gr8 Bar.

All ingredients in were carefully selected by TLC Doctors and the scientists and researchers at Sierra Productions Research. Each ingredient has numerous clinical studies to validate their effectiveness.

TLC and Sierra plan to continuing ongoing research to prove the health benefits of Dr.s' Gr8 bar. We highly recommend that all our patients and their families take Drs' Gr8 Bar.

We believe that Drs' Gr8 is the best … BAR NONE! 

 To Order Click:  https://www.tlcdoctors.com/collections/public/products/dr-s-gr8-ba 

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