The idea for Drs Gr8 Bar was born when one of the founders, John, could not find any straightforward natural options to treat his wife’s ALS and cancer.

Elaine was seen by over a dozen medical experts and none were able to offer her comfort from her devastating illness. John, who previously was a researcher at the University of California, Irvine and San Diego, studied intensely to explore other remedies. He found an integrative medical doctor, Dr. Rita Ellithorpe, who was able to provide some relief for Elaine by treating her with certain foods and dietary supplements. John began to work in conjunction with Dr. Ellithorpe to examine the value of functional foods in an attempt to improve Elaine’s condition. Elaine’s brother, Bob, who is a bio-medical researcher, also provided further assistance exploring effective natural medical care.

After seven years using nutrition and supplements as a natural treatment plan, Elaine’s ALS and cancer diagnosis dramatically improved, which baffled mainstream medical doctors.

Most ALS patients die within two years of diagnosis, and with a lot of suffering. Elaine’s extraordinary progress and increased survival sparked John, Bob and Rita to formulate a nutrition bar based on science that contained the ingredients given to Elaine as a component of her wellness.

The new and unique nutrition bar was called Drs Gr8 Bar. The belief is that nutrition should be simple, effective and accessible for everyone.


Elaine’s illness and recovery inspired the creation of Drs. Gr8 Bar. We see it as a blessing. Generating numerous medical studies, our team is committed to providing increased health and wellness to millions of people throughout the world with Drs Gr8 Nutrition Bar.

After conducting scientific research and publishing the outcomes in medical studies, John, Bob and Rita, along with other medical professionals at Rita’s TLC clinic, concluded that the dietary nutrients in Drs Gr8 Bar are clinically proven to work at the cellular level. The studies show Drs Gr8 Bar improves energy levels, curbs appetite and increases mental clarity by repairing damaged cells and enhancing brain health.

Ongoing research of Drs Gr8 Bar demonstrates its success in managing weight as well. The nutrients in the bar reduce waist and hip measurements in both men and women and aid in decreasing scale weight. Waist to hip ratios indicate certain health risks and contribute to fertility and sex appeal.

Getting the proper nutrition to optimize your health, energy, and quality of life should be simple and natural. Drs Gr8 Bar contains carefully selected ingredients like Phospholipids, coconut oil and pea protein that reduce important blood values of both glucose and insulin, two important bio-markers that in excess, lead to heart, brain and metabolic diseases. Combined, these nutrients offer superb performance to nourish your body and boost your total health.