Drs. Gr8 Bar is not your typical nutrition bar.

We’ve handpicked each ingredient used to help you reach optimal health. With our revolutionizing science-based nutrition bar it’s guaranteed to heal you from the cell to the soul.

Aside from enhancing your overall wellness, it’s a guilt-free, tasteful treat. Our almond coconut bar with delightful chocolate chunks will be a family go-to snack. Our readily available on the go packaging makes it even easier to eat healthy anywhere at any time.

Affiliate Opportunity

We love what you are putting into the world. It aligns with our mission too. We would love to co-create with you to further both of our missions. We know our biggest challenge with reaching our customers is getting them to understand that the food we put into our bodies MATTERS. The second biggest challenge is helping them see what they think is healthy is not what we KNOW is healthy.
By joining our wellness professionals as an Affiliate, we can ALL further our mission to educate our communities that healthy, whole, and nutritious food does not have to be bland or boring. It can be full of rich flavor, packed with nutrients, AND be easily accessible.
Check out our About Us to read more about our values as a company. Check out our extensive clinical research and why our ingredients are guaranteed to give you optimal health.

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Gr8 Team

In return for your support and spreading optimal health & nutrition for everyone.  You will receive–  25% of all products sold through your personalized affiliate link. In addition, you will have early insight and input on all new products developed as we continue to grow and expand.

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